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Etching, marking and engraving are an important part of products in terms of identifications and company promotion for industrial manufacturers; they are done not to only imprint, but also carry forward the details and information of a company. As a tool for customer reference, marking processes are accomplished with the help of advanced machines for effective results. In this regards, "EtchON" comes first, for its marking machines and allied automations as per the widely growing domestic and international market requirement. EtchON Group of Industries has started working towards better technological tomorrow.

EtchON is one of largest manufacturing OEM partners in the World. We have been working directly since 2008 and have developed a solid relationship in the market within a very short span of time. Our systems and supplies are in use all over the world from Canada to South America, and from Europe to Asia. Even we export to Russia & China also. We have also sold our machines to prestigious Indian Government orgnisation like “Hindustan Aeronautics, Sukhoi Division”, “Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC)”, “Small Arms Factory”, “BHEL”, “Mishra Dhatu Nigam Ltd”. We have also supplied to “Pratt & Whiteny, Canada”, who manufactures jet engines to USA Government.


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What is Traceability?

Traceability is the ability to trace all processes from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal to clarify "when and where the product was produced by whom." Due to improving product quality and the rise in safety awareness in recent years, traceability has been increasing in importance and spreading into a wide range of fields, such as automotive, electronics, food and pharmaceutical. This section describes basic knowledge about the increasingly-popular traceability.

Traceability has three key benefits; it increases supply chain visibility, improves quality control systems and reduces risk. By keeping a record of the entire production and distribution history, suppliers are able to react quickly to any issues. Although there are various ways to view traceability, it can be generally divided into two perspectives: chain traceability and internal traceability.

What is the difference between marking and engraving?
Generally speaking, Marking refers to placing legible information onto the surface of a part with little or no penetration whereas Engraving refers to placing information into a part with obvious penetration below the surface.

What is electro-chemical etching

Etching process works by passing a controlled low voltage electric current through a pre-printed stencil. The current is transferred through the gaps in the stencil using a harmless electrolyte solution and burns away a thin layer of the surface material leaving a dark contrasting finish on the metal. The mark is generated within 3-4 seconds depending on the material and the size or composition of the mark. The result of etching will be like a printing on a metal surface. Using metal etching technique, we are capable of marking high quality logos, simple text messages, part numbers, dates, serial numbers and other required information, directly onto the product - whether the surface is rounded or flat.

What is laser marking system?

In simplest terms, laser marking is a permanent process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a lasting mark on a surface. Typically performed with a fiber, pulsed, continuous wave, green, or UV laser machine. Example: The laser generator contains a fiber bundle that is doped with Ytterbium and light emitting diodes are then pumped into it. The laser light then fiber delivered to the optical that consist of a beam expander, collimating optics, and back reflection protection.

What is dot pin marking engraving?

It is an industrial marking equipment which can mark on workpiece (metal / non metal materials) permanently. Input the printing contents into the computer, then according to the software, the control system will control the indenter working under a certain trajectory on X-Y two-dimensional plane, at the same time, affected by the compressed air, the marking pin will do reciprocate motion under a frequency of 200 times per second, resulting in the work piece to print out the beautiful character and graphics. The Indenter dotting and line on a surface with High Frequency and mark logo, it could mark character, alphanumeric, date, numbers, series No., VIN Codes, graphics etc with speed of 2-3 characters per Second.

What is fiber laser welding?

Laser Welding is a welding technology used to join several metal components. A laser produces a beam of high-intensity that is concentrated into one spot. ... In a fiber laser, the laser light is generated in an active fiber and guided to the work piece by means of a flexible delivery fiber, which acts as a “light guide”. Precise control of the laser beam offers users several benefits over traditional TIG, MIG and spot-welding.

Maintaining a well defined quality control policy as per the International quality standards, we, EtchON Marks Control, are one of the prominent manufacturers, and exporters of high quality Fiber, UV, Co2 Laser Marking Machine, Dot Pin Marking Machines, Metal Etching Machines, Fiber Laser Welding Machines and its allied automation and spares. Established in the year 2010, we have set up an indelible mark in the industry through our strong dedication towards meeting each and every needs and requirements of our valued clients.

Our company has been scaling new heights of success in the domain of Marking equipment’s. We have achieved expertise in the manufacturing of State-of-Art Marking Machines. We are counted among the dominant Dot Pin Marking and Electro-chemical etching machines manufacture in Domestic as well as International market. Our services and commitments to our customers will remain as dedicated as ever, and we will endeavour to supply all our marking & etching consumables to the highest possible standards with a fast reliable Global Service. True to the spirit of the company our products like marking instrument reflect the same level of quality and standard.

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